KaizenWise = Investor + Business coach

We help businesses grow their revenues faster while keeping costs low.



We were entrepreneurs


We failed in some ventures. And we succeeded in some; which allowed us to retire early.

In one of our ventures, still running today, we built an online business with over 400,000 members that sends out over 1,000,000 individually customised emails monthly.

After helping some friends with their businesses, we decided to come out of retirement because we know many more can benefit from our expertise, experience and network.

We were entrepreneurs. Now, we help entrepreneurs and businesses.



Our interests are aligned


As an investor, we invest in selected ventures that we see synergy. In return, we get an equity stake and/or a percentage of revenue.

As a business coach, we work with a hand-picked group of businesses which we felt there’s a good fit. In return, we charge part of our fees based on a percentage of revenue.

This way, our interests are aligned.



Leverage on us to achieve the results you want


If you have a business or idea that you want to take to the next level, please submit your elevator pitch and if we see a good fit, let’s explore how to help you get there faster.